Our busy Outpatients Department sees children who are being cared for by teams within the Children's Hospital but who are well enough to stay at home and come in for an appointment with a doctor or nurse.

After going home following a procedure, your child might need to come back to the hospital as an outpatient so we can see how they are doing or you could be referred to see one of our specialists by your GP.

The main Outpatients Department consists of a 22-roomed consulting suite with a seven-room annexe, which provides a service for children and their families from birth to 16 years old. We also have a four-room dental department and plaster room. In addition to the main outpatients department, there are a further seven consulting rooms based in Parsons House, opposite the Emergency Department. Please check your letter to see where your appointment will take place.

Departments with their own outpatient facilities

The following departments have their own outpatient facilities located elsewhere in the hospital:

  • Oncology and Haematology
  • Eye department
  • Neurophysiology
  • Haemoglobinopathy
  • Health in Mind
  • Heart Outpatients
  • Renal Unit

What happens in Outpatients?


On arriving in Outpatients, you will take a ticket from the reception desk and then take a seat in the waiting area. When your ticket number is called it will direct you to one of the check-in desks where you will be booked in for your appointment. After checking in you and your child will be called by one of the nursing staff to have their height and weight checked and if necessary their blood pressure too. You will then be seated outside the doctor’s room.


All consultations are conducted in the privacy of our consulting rooms, however if a physical examination is needed, you can ask for a chaperone. This is a member of staff who will stay with you and your child while the examination takes place. They are there to support you and will be mindful of your family's needs. If you would like a chaperone please ask a member of the team.

If you have gone to Outpatients following treatment at the hospital, the doctor will check to see how the recovery is going.


There are comfy seats in the waiting area and we also have a play facilitator who organises activities whilst you are waiting to be seen and they work with children of all abilities to make visits with us a little easier.

The Outpatients Department has toys and games to play with while you wait. There is also a coffee and snack shop, which sells drinks and hot and cold food when Outpatients is open.


0121 333 9306