Our Chaplaincy team provides spiritual, religious and pastoral support for all patients and families in our hospitals. The service is open to people of all faiths and none. Our multi-faith team provides a 24/7 on-call cover so you will always be able to get help in an urgent situation.

How can the Chaplaincy team help you?

You do not have to be religious to ask for help from a chaplain, and many non-religious families and patients find a visit from a chaplain can be helpful. Chaplains can provide a listening ear, specially developed spiritual care activities and religious support such as advice, prayers and blessings.

We have a programme of multi-faith and cultural events which take place in different areas of our hospitals. Take a look at the multi-faith boards around our hospitals to find out more, ask the ward staff or contact us on 0121 333 8527.

What does a Chaplain do?

An introduction to Chaplaincy

Remembrance book viewing arrangements during Covid-19 restrictions

We are very sorry you have been unable to  come into the hospitals to view your inscriptions during Covid-19 restrictions.  If you would like to have a virtual viewing, please email us with the name of your child and the date of the inscription and we would be pleased to send you a photo of your inscription or arrange a viewing over zoom.