Multi Faith Cultural Advisory Group

The Multi-Faith and Cultural Advisory Group is made up of various staff from around the hospital with an interest in multi-faith and culturally appropriate care. The main purpose of the group is to plan and run the Celebrate programme of multi-faith events for staff and patients, and to provide guidance on multi-faith or cultural issues. The group meets quarterly to plan and evaluate different celebrations.

We love that we are able to celebrate festivals of different faiths together, recognising what is important to our friends and enjoying that. We also aim to raise awareness of the festivals that we celebrate and share what they are about.

Over the years we have enjoyed colour throwing for Holi, face painting, henna & food for Eid Al Adha, Chicks for Easter and Samosas galore for many different events.  COVID-19 has brought challenges, but the team continue to mark the various festivals in some way.

For more details please contact Ruth Radley:  / 0121 333 8527.

Multi faith celebrations