Birth Centre

Our midwifery unit offers a 'home-from-home' environment for women in good general health with an uncomplicated pregnancy to have their babies. Midwives are experienced in helping women to feel confident and empowered and will use their knowledge and skills to support them in achieving a spontaneous vaginal birth.

On the midwifery unit, non-pharmacological options to maximise your comfort and wellbeing are available such as hydrotherapy (birthing pool), aromatherapy and massage alongside pharmacological options such as gas and air (Entonox) and pethidine.

At the start of your pregnancy, the midwife will agree with you on what type of care you would like based on your preferences and previous medical and pregnancy history.

If your pregnancy is more complex, or you have had a previous caesarean birth, you will usually be advised to plan to give birth on our Delivery Suite, where there are specialist obstetric, midwifery and anaesthetic staff on hand. However, if you have been recommended to birth on our Delivery Suite but would like to explore the option of using our midwifery unit, ask your midwife to be referred to our Consultant Midwife Opinion clinic.

We'd recommend our midwifery unit if:

  • You have an uncomplicated pregnancy
  • You are 37-42 weeks into your pregnancy
  • Your BMI is within the normal range at the start of your pregnancy
  • You are between 16-40 years of age
  • You are not anaemic (iron level is more than 100g/dl)
  • Your baby has developed normally and is head down
  • Your waters break and are clear
  • Your placenta is in the normal place for birth
  • You ideally start your labour spontaneously (should you need to be induced and need no more additional help, the midwifery unit is still an option for you as long as you are less than 42 weeks pregnant)
  • Your blood pressure is normal, and your urine is free from protein

Philosophy for the Midwifery Unit

The midwifery unit is a unique environment that offers women and their families the opportunity to give birth safely in a comfortable and relaxed, home-from-home setting.

Committed practitioners, who work closely together to give high-quality evidence-based care, will support women through their experience, respecting culture, religious beliefs and traditions.

The aim of the midwifery unit is to enable women and their families to experience childbirth in a way that will establish a positive and enriching start to parenting.