Dads Experiencing Neonates

 DEN group logoWe know that dads on a neonatal unit can often struggle to understand what their role is and who to turn to for support.

When a baby is admitted to neonatal care, there is often more focus on mum. Mums may be receiving care after birth or support with early breast feeding. 

Dads often struggle to understand what their role is within the neonatal care of their baby.

Dads who have a longer neonatal journeys can also have extra worries, like returning to work and juggling family lives outside of the neonatal unit.

Dads often don’t prioritise themselves in looking for support and are not sure where to turn for help and advice.

The 'DEN: Dads Experiencing Neonates' group has been set up to provide a safe space for dads with babies on the neonatal unit, to come and take a moment for themselves and to seek any support that they need.

Weekly gatherings are open to all dads and will often be supported by 'expert dads' who have already been on the neonatal unit journey and members of the psychology and pastoral teams. 

Local businesses are kindly providing food and refreshments and there will be access to other support tools such as the Neonatal Dadpad.

We welcome all dads to join our Facebook group and come take some time in the weekly gatherings to seek support in a safe and comfortable space. To request to join the group, click this link.