Information for professionals

Illustration of medical professionalReferral information

Referrals are accepted from Children’s hospital consultants and Birmingham GPs for conditions including faltering growth, food allergy and intolerance, nutritional support, weight management, infants and children with restricted diets.

Referrals for inpatients should be directed to the ward or specialist dietitian via switchboard.

We aim to see referrals within 24 hours of receipt of referral during core hours.

Outpatient referrals should be sent to:

Dietetic Department, Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Ladywood House, Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham B4 6NH

Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust Nutrition and Dietetic Department will accept paediatric referrals from BWC Consultants, Specialist Nurses, ANP’s, AHPs (copy managing consultant into the referral), and General Practitioners based in Birmingham.

Please include the following information in your referral letter:

  • Patient demographics, including gestational age where relevant
  • Current weight and length or height and Body Mass Index for children over 2yrs of age
  • Previous growth history
  • Relevant medical history
  • Relevant dietetic history
  • Relevant medication history
  • Reason for referral
  • If an interpreter is required and if so, which language

Referral guidance


Referral criteria


Faltering Growth

Under 2 yrs of age

Weight crossing down 2 centiles or more from 6 weeks of age

Weight more than 2 centiles lower then length centile.


Over 2 years of age

Body Mass index below 9th centile.


Any child with a weight under 0.4th centile.


Birmingham GP referrals may also be accepted by Birmingham Paediatric Community Dietetics

for referral guidance.


If the child is already under the care of a BWC Consultant, please refer to BWC Nutrition and Dietetic Department.

Food Allergy or intolerance

Any infant, child or young person with a history or suspected or proven food allergy or intolerance.

BWC Nutrition and Dietetic Department will see all patients under the care of a BWC consultant.

Please refer all other children to Birmingham Paediatric Community Dietetics


Nutritional support

All infants, children and young people requiring home enteral feeding.

If patient is under a Birmingham Community Paediatrician & has a Birmingham GP, please refer patient to Birmingham Paediatric Community Dietitians

All other referrals will be seen by BWC Nutrition and Dietetic Department.


Overweight or obesity

BMI above 91st centile

Or weight more than 2 centiles above  height centile.

See the link below for guidance which can be given in advance of receiving dietetic advice 

There is no Community Paediatric Dietetic service for overweight or obese children.

Please refer all children to BWC Nutrition and Dietetic Department.

Infants and children with swallowing difficulties requiring diet and or fluid texture modification


If patients attend a special school, or are under the care of a Community Paediatrician, please refer to Birmingham Paediatric Community Dietitians.


Children or young people with a suspected or diagnosed eating disorder

BWC Nutrition and Dietetic Department are able to nutritionally assess patients and give advice to address nutritional imbalance.


All children and young people with a suspected or proven eating disorder should be referred to Forward Thinking Birmingham where they will receive specialist support.

Infants, children or young people with severely restricted  diets or selective eating

( therapeutic or self-imposed)

BWC Nutrition and Dietetic Department  are able to nutritionally assess and give advice to address nutritional imbalance.

Birmingham Paediatric Community Dietetics will not accept these referrals.