Infection Prevention and Control

Illustration of a male nurse We take infection prevention and control very seriously. Everyone works hard to ensure that our patients, families, visitors and staff are protected from healthcare-associated infections.

We have consistently low infection rates and are very proud of our excellent reputation for infection prevention and control.

Our team

We are passionate about protecting our patients from infections.

  • We offer clinical and operational advice and support across all sites
  • We are a multi-disciplinary team that consists of the Director of Infection Prevention & Control, Consultant Microbiologists, Infection Prevention & Control Nurses, Advanced Laboratory Practitioners and skilled clerical staff
  • Our team will treat all families equally with dignity and respect
  • We are available to offer and provide support, advice, guidance, education and supervision to our staff who work directly with our patients and families
  • We work in partnership with external organisations to achieve the best outcomes for children, young people and families.

What you can do to protect yourself and your family

Please always remember to:

  • Wash your hands or use alcohol gel on entering and before leaving wards and department
  • Keep our hospital clean and tidy, and put belongings into bedside storage to make cleaning easier
  • Avoid visiting if you are unwell with signs of an infection such as diarrhoea, vomiting, fever and/or flu-like symptoms
  • Let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding infection prevention and control or cleanliness standards.

Useful documents

Hand Washing technique [pdf] 1MB

MRSA information [pdf] 107KB

Norovirus [pdf] 94KB

Infection Prevention and Control Annual Report 2017/18 [pdf] 657KB

Public Health England measles posters