Non-medical equipment

This is the carbon associated with the purchase of IT equipment, paper products and other manufactured items.

The NHS requires a considerable level of standardisation, process and governance, but this enables us to shape our supply chain to be more sustainable.

As with other areas, one of the most effective ways of reducing our carbon emissions in this area is by reducing our use in the first place, and extending the life of an item wherever possible.

A close up of computer server lights

What we've done

  • Created a working group to investigate, and action, carbon saving alternatives and methods.
  • Included carbon weighting in tender returns to determine most sustainable fit for purpose equipment and devices.
  • Started exploring how we can create an internal 'circular economy' where reuse of non-medical equipment is formalised throughout the trust.

What we're doing

  • Fully quantifying the carbon associated with our current purchasing of non-medical equipment and consumables.
  • Using carbon quantification to inform more sustainable and ethical procurement.
  • Increasing the tender expectations for large equipment items.
  • Establishing a programme to return and reuse more equipment.
  • Implemented printer monitoring systems to look at paper consumption.