Spiritual care resources

We have pioneered the use of spiritual care activities which we have developed for use with sick children and young people who are in hospital. These activities are aimed at providing a fun and informal way to open up a conversation about spirituality with children:

Chaplaincy Standards for work with Children and Young People

CPSC are part of a group which are working on articulating multidisciplinary standards for chaplaincy with children and young people including education, sport, youth justice etc.  We hope there will be a series of publications linked to the project.  The first booklet we have produced focuses on Christian Chaplaincy and was funded by a Christian Trust.  

Core Standards of Christian Chaplaincy with Children and Young People.pdf[pdf] 3MB

Useful books, articles and resources

An extract from Pooky Knightsmith's book, 'Using Poetry to Promote Talking and Healing', is available to read. You can order a copy of the book or download a PDF of some of the poems here.

Disability matters - free e-learning for professionals working with disabled children and young people.

Multi-faith Calendar

Find out about multi-faith and cultural events in this calendar on interfaith.org.uk, including links with explanations of festivals and activity ideas for celebrating them.