Commissioned health services outside NHS

We work in partnership with several other organisations, including the private sector, and voluntary and community services.

When we buy services from them, it's important we make sure that we aren't just moving our carbon output somewhere else, as it all affects our one planet.

Future contracts will need to recognise our expectations around net carbon zero, and we will require progress aligned to the Trust's own trajectory.

A group of young people hold hands working together

What we've done 

  • Begun understanding what services we commission, and where the largest CO2 emissions from other organisations might be.
  • Created a working group to look at how we embed our expectations into future contracts.

What we're doing

  • Working with our big partners to understand their environmental impact, and their own ambitions around responding to climate change.
  • Establishing shared reporting arrangements with these services so we can collaborate better.
  • Work with our Integrated Care System to develop a common contractual framework for future partnerships.