Your ante-natal appointments

Our Birth Centre Antenatal appointments are provided in many different ways for women booked with our hospital. You might be seen here on just one occasion or you might need to attend regularly and some appointments may take place in a community clinic close to your home.

What to expect at your appointments

If you are coming to the hospital, please aim to be on time for your appointment and ideally arrive at least 15 minutes beforehand. We will always try to give you a time that is convenient to you and we will keep you informed of any delays.

Our care is based around your needs, so please remember that some appointments may take longer than others and sometimes our specialist medical staff may be called away to deal with emergencies.

We suggest that you allow around four hours for your first visit to us. This will give us time to gather information from you regarding your medical history and previous pregnancy details. Subsequent appointments usually take up to two hours, to allow for additional scans and tests.

There are several clinics running at the same time, some with midwives and some with medical and specialist staff so this may be why some people might appear to be seen ahead of you. Please be aware that you may experience a delay occasionally, we apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.

The waiting areas are small, so we kindly request that you to keep visitors to a minimum and arrange child care for your children.

If you are concerned about your waiting time, or if you are unsure about anything, please speak to a member of staff and be sure to make a note of your next appointment before you leave.