Advice and results

Managing care between your appointments

Non-urgent advice

If you have any problems relating to your treatment between appointments, please refer to the resources and further information pages where many answers may be found. 

The NICE 2015 guidelines provide guidance for both Healthcare professionals and Women in the management of menopause. In addition, you can print off the GP continuing care which will aid your GP with managing common problems and altering your prescription.

Please note we are no longer able to provide email support to patients.

Urgent medical problems

The menopause clinic is not an urgent care service. Depending upon your emergency please visit your GP, contact 111 or attend A&E.

Although you may feel you cannot wait until your next appointment to get advice, most menopause-related problems are not medical emergencies. If you need an earlier appointment this can only be requested through the appointment office.


Blood tests are usually undertaken on the day of your appointment and in some instances, you may have had them done just before the appointment results of tests will be included in your clinic letter, or a letter will be sent when results are made available. Unless otherwise requested copies will go to both you and the GP.

If we have asked you to have and blood tests, bone density scan or ultrasound within the next 4 to 6 weeks, these results will usually be summarised into a letter to you. You do not need to call the hospital to discuss these results or ask for a letter unless you have not heard from us in the time expected.