Clinics, wards and treatments


Patients may be either seen in the Microtia Clinic where the plastic surgeon, ear, nose and throat, prosthetics and charitable services sit together and view patients as a multidisciplinary team. Alternatively, patients may be referred to the plastic surgery service directly, providing there are no hearing issues and are considering an ear sculpted from the rib cartilage or where the option of an artificial ear has been declined by the young person.


Ear reconstruction is performed in two stages. The first is to sculpt the new ear and place it under the skin on the side where the ear should be. The second stage involves creating the space behind the new ear. Approximately 12 first stage operations and six second stage ear reconstructions are performed each year.

Ward 5

Young people receiving ear reconstruction are cared for a team of dedicated nurses, anaesthetists and physiotherapists on Ward 5, located on the first floor of the Children's hospital. Patients stay in for two to five days after the first stage and overnight after the second stage. Our wards are very friendly and families are supported throughout their stay.