Picture of a patient after ear reconstruction

Ear Reconstruction Service

Our Children’s Hospital is one of the few centres in the country able to offer ear reconstruction for young people who have been born with either small ears (microtia) or no ear at all (anotia). Reconstruction of the ear is also performed for children and young people with a variety of ear differences, which may make them lack confidence.

Ear reconstruction

Ear reconstruction using rib cartilage sculpted into the shape of an ear is performed by one plastic surgeon trained in craniofacial surgery in the UK, USA, Canada and France. The plastic surgery service works in partnership with the Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA) service so children are given the best opportunity of the choice of an ear being crafted from their own tissue, even if they have a BAHA.

Over the last decade, there has been an increasing demand by young people born with major differences in the shape of their ears requesting the expertise of an ear reconstruction surgeon. This has a resulted in an increase in making ears using rib cartilage from the patient (autologous). The psychological benefit and increase in quality of life from receiving an ear made from the young person’s own body is huge.

Location and facilities

The unit is located in Ward 5 of the Children’s Hospital, on the first floor. There is a playroom and facilities for parents are available.

Patient leaflets

Ear reconstruction surgery for microtia

Prominent ears otoplasty

Contact details

0121 333 8132 (Karen Whitehouse, secretary to Mr Mark S Lloyd – Consultant in Plastic and Autologous Ear Reconstruction Surgery).

Ear reconstruction case study

Find out about 14-year-old Amna and the impact that the ear reconstruction surgery we offer to all young people with ear abnormalities had on her life.