Diabetes clinics

Schoolboy character How often do I need to attend?

You will be invited to attend clinic every three months. These are held in the Clinical Research Facility (CRF). It is a multi-disciplinary clinic which means you will always be seen by a doctor but there will also be other staff members routinely available at this time such as a nurse, dietitian or psychologist.

We will check

  • HbA1C, which lets us know how your diabetes has been over the previous three months
  • Blood pressure
  • First urine sample of the morning to monitor kidney function and detect any problems as early as possible (for those over 12-years-old or who have had diabetes for more than five years).

Type 1 diabetes


Tuesdays (for 13 years +) –1.45pm - 4.30pm (last appointment)

Thursdays (under 13 years)  1.45pm - 4.30pm (last appointment)

Please make sure you either download your pump or blood glucose meter to Diasend (or CareLink if Medtronic) on the day of clinic or the day before. If you are not able to, please bring recorded readings in a book. Also please:

  • Bring your blood glucose meter and/or insulin pump
  • Bring a food diary if asked to do so
  • Know your insulin doses, insulin: carb ratios (ICR) and correction dose or insulin sensitivity factor (ISF)

If you would like to see other team members at these appointments, please let us know in advance and we will try to arrange this – e.g. youth worker, psychologist, family support worker, social worker. If they are not available at this time, they will be able to arrange a separate appointment with you.

Annual reviews

Once a year we ask you to do a blood test in our Outpatient department, at which we ensure regular eye screening (a photograph of the back of the eye) and dental appointments are taking place and along with a blood test which checks:

  • Thyroid function (other autoimmune condition more frequent in those with type 1 diabetes)
  • Coeliac screen (other autoimmune condition more frequent in those with type 1 diabetes)
  • Cholesterol and fats

Type 2 diabetes


Wednesdays 1.45pm - 4.30pm (last appointment)

If you have coeliac disease you will be asked to attend a coeliac clinic as one of your four clinics a year. These will be on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon at the same time as the usual type 1 clinics.

Other clinics
Please see rare diabetes section.