The Diabetes Team

Our Diabetes team is made up of different people, these include:


Doctors see children and young people routinely in diabetes clinic, every three months. They do a lot of additional education sessions or target clinics as well assessing young people when they are admitted to the wards. There is always a diabetes specialist doctor on call for anyone admitted to hospital out of hours. 


Nurses provide education and support on a whole range of diabetes-related subjects, such as doing blood glucose checks, injecting insulin and using insulin pumps. They offer a 24-hour on-call service – see contact details. They also provide a Saturday drop-in service – see services.


Dietitians provide education and support on carbohydrate counting, balanced diets, alcohol, weight and sports management. You will see them in clinic, home visits and in the diabetes unit. They are flexible offering appointments after school and on Saturdays too, but this needs to be pre-booked.


Our psychologists support parents, children and young people who want to talk about any aspect of dealing with diabetes, from anger and frustration about diagnosis to feeling overwhelmed by managing the day-to-day responsibilities that are part of having diabetes. Appointments can be organised by any member of the diabetes team, and our psychologists also attend regular diabetes clinics.

Family Support Worker

Our family support worker offers guidance on housing, school, benefits issues and advice on parenting issues related to diabetes. She also runs a girl's group for seven to 11-year-olds on the last Saturday of every month. Ideas for activities have come from the girls themselves, including bowling and cooking. See services for more information.

Youth workers

We have access to a team of youth workers who can help young people engage in conversations about any aspect of life they might be struggling with. They are able to meet young people outside of hospital too, as we recognise this can be important. Often doing different activities gives children and young people the space to talk about what’s bothering them. Appointments can be organised by any of the diabetes team and there is also a youth club – see services for more information.

Social Worker

Our social worker is part of the diabetes team and ensures we offer help with social issues for families with a young person with diabetes as early as possible. Ask any member of the team if you would like to speak to or see our social worker.

Administration Staff

Please feel free to contact our administrators directly for changes of appointment, booking the ‘live life to the max’ sessions, or if you have queries about clinic letters.