Education Resource Centre

Education CentreWelcome to the Education Resource Centre at our Women’s Hospital.

The Education Centre’s facilities provide opportunities for healthcare professionals to deliver high-quality education and training to all groups of staff from within the Trust and also to external healthcare professionals.  We are the Regional Centre for the delivery of postgraduate and undergraduate medical education in obstetrics and gynaecology which includes the hosting of the Postgraduate School of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Our excellent course and conference facilities are available for you to book.

The team:

The Clinical Tutor at the Women’s Hospital is Dr Rob Negrine and he is supported by the Education Resource Centre Conference and Education team:

  • Julia Arnold, PGME Co-ordinator
  • Melanie Windmill, Undergraduate Co-ordinator, and
  • Keelie Brown ERC Administrative Assistant

The Education Resource Centre is located at our Women’s Hospital on the Lower Ground Floor.