Haematological Cancer

The Haemato-oncology section provides genomic analysis of samples from patients with a range of haematological malignancies and lymphoproliferative conditions. The results obtained assist in diagnosis and classification, provide prognostic information for use in risk stratification, can direct therapeutic choice, and enable assessment of residual disease status post-treatment and/or post-transplant. We are a constituent laboratory of the West Midlands SIHMDS: MIRHO.

WMRGL provides testing commissioned by the NHS in England for the clinical indications listed in the Test Directory for haematological cancer and also accepts private referrals. Core commissioned testing is only available to patients from England who meet the defined eligibility criteria according to the Test Directory.

Specific information about accessing Whole Genome Sequencing in somatic cancer is available here.

Information on sample requirements and laboratory opening times can be found here, as can the MIRHO referral form for haematological cancer testing.

Test Information Sheets

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Service User Communications

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