Meet the Chemo/SACT Team

Laura and Brian from the Chemo/SACT Team We would like you to meet our Chemo/SACT (Systemic anti-cancer treatment) Team. We spoke with Laura Fletcher, Junior Sister on Ward 18 to hear all about their incredible work.

What is your team’s name and what do you do?

We are the Chemo/SACT (Systemic anti-cancer treatment) Team. Our team consists of three people, Maggie Barker and myself as Chemo Nurses and Brian Carey who is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner. We are based on Ward 18. We help to coordinate patients coming in for chemotherapy, support the ward and clinic with administering chemo and help to facilitate safe discharge through liaison with Community Nursing Teams. This is just a very small snapshot of what we do.

How would you describe a typical day/ shift?

No two days are the same, our role is very varied. The day starts with catching up on emails and getting up to date with what patients are due and then we join handover with the rest of the MDT at 9am. After that it depends what's happening on the ward!

On days where we have patients coming in for chemo, we usually call the families who are due in to advise of a time to come in. We will then support the ward staff with setting up fluids and administering chemo and other treatment. We also help the ward staff with facilitating discharge through liaising with Community Nursing Teams. If we have patients in other areas of the hospital who are due chemo and they cannot be moved to Ward 18 due to clinical need, we will visit other wards and areas to give chemo. 

What do the team enjoy most about their work?

I enjoy the role because it is so varied, no two days are ever the same. The role allows us to see children right through from diagnosis to completion of treatment which can be really rewarding. 

What’s your favourite thing about working at BWC?

Working at BWC you feel part of a great team of people. 

What achievement are you most proud of?

For me personally, I'm proud that I recently successfully completed the Non-Medical Prescribing course. Although I am still not yet able to prescribe as I am awaiting the University exam board to complete, in time this will hopefully help the journey for the children and families we care for.