Council of Governors

The Council of Governors is made up of elected and appointed people who are volunteers and are not paid. Our Governors have an important role in making sure our Trust is publicly accountable for the services it provides. They bring valuable perspectives and contributions to its activities, ensuring that both hospitals work well for patients, carers, staff, and the general public.

Who are our Governors?

The Chairman of the Trust conducts the meetings of the Council of Governors.

Professor Sir Bruce Keogh is our Chairman and he can be contacted via our Foundation Trust office  

Our Governors are elected by the Members of the Foundation Trust, divided into distinct constituencies:

  • Public Governors are elected by people who live in the West Midlands region
  • Staff Governors are elected by people who are staff at the hospital
  • Patient and Carer Governors are elected by people who are either a Patient or the Carer of a Patient

Our Appointed Governors are drawn from partner organisations, for example, institutions of higher education.

The structure of our Council of Governors is explained in the Trust’s core Constitution.

What do they do?

The overriding role of the Council of Governors is to hold the Non-Executive Directors individually and collectively to account for the performance of the Board of Directors and to represent the interests of NHS Foundation Trust Members and of the public.

Their work ensures that the needs of the patients, local population, and staff are fully considered in decisions made about the Trust.

They meet as the Council of Governors four times a year to discuss the business of the Trust, helping shape its strategic plans and developments. The meetings are open to the public, so you are welcome to come along, meet the Governors and find out more about the Trust. The Governors also regularly attend events at each hospital and you should always feel welcome to approach one of them with any questions, ideas or concerns.

Download a brief guide on the role of NHS Foundation Trust Governors.

Our staff, public and patient governors are elected by members of our Trust. You can become a member for free by registering online.

The Council of Governors meets formally four times per year and attends two meetings every year with the Board of Directors. During these meetings, they discuss how well the Trust is doing regarding providing care to our women, children and families and discuss matters to help shape our future.

For more information on what the role of a Governor involves and what support is offered, please either take a look at our dedicated leaflet, email or call 0121 333 8433.

Alternatively, if you would like to submit a nomination, please email to obtain a form.

Election results October 2020

Please see the below documents for the results of the October 2020 governor elections.

Our Council of Governors



Claire Powers  

Gilles de Wildt  

Claire Terry  

Pam Stirrop  - lead governor

Rizwan Jalil  

Clare Maceachen  

Kate Archer  

Zafin Aktar  

Andrea Jester  

Clare Jones  

Aqeela Choudry  

Morgan Siviter  

Judith Ferrarin  

Martina Ponsonby  

Rachel Brown  

Musa Nela  

Sara Meredith  

Naila Suleman 









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