Meeting the team

photo of our team in our hospital garden

This is an example of the professionals who will involved in your journey on the CESS pathway.

Clinical Lead for CESS
Dr Shakti Agrawal - Consultant Paediatric Neurologist and Epileptologist

Dr Ratna Kumar - Consultant Paediatric Neurologists
Dr Anu Sudarsanam - Consultant Paediatric Neurologists

Mr Richard Walsh - Consultant Neurosurgeon
Mr William Lo - Consultant Neurosurgeon

Clinical Fellow
Dr Rana Mohamed

James Lewis - Epilepsy Surgery Clinical Nurse Specialist Nurse

CESS co-ordinator/ Secretary
Colin Salmon – CESS Co-ordinator
Mohamed Arbaz Khan – Secretary

Other professionals that will help with your CESS journey

Dr Lesley MacPherson - Consultant Radiologist
Dr Helen Williams - Consultant Radiologist
Dr Adam Oats - Consultant Radiologist

Peter Bill - Lead Clinical Neurophysiologist
Professor Stefano Seri - Consultant Neurophysiologist
Caroline Scott - VT Service Lead
Andrew Lawley - Consultant Neurophysiologist
Bryony Carr - VT Clinical Scientist

Dr Jo Horton - Consultant Neuropsychologist

Occupational Therapists
Madeline Paul - Occupational Therapist

Dr Laavanya Damodaran - Consultant Neuropsychiatrist

Claire Rylance - Physiotherapist
Nicola Birchall - Physiotherapist

Speech and Language Therapist
Zoe Healey - Speech and Language Therapist
Suzi Proctor - Speech and Language

If you need any help, information or advice during your journey on the Children’s Epilepsy Surgery Service (CESS) pathway please contact the CESS Co-ordinator or the CESS epilepsy nurse at BCH Tel: 0121 333 8184, 8180 and 8158.