What is a Clinical Psychologist?

Clinical Psychologists work with a wide range of psychological and physical health difficulties. This may include supporting children, young people and their families with medical procedures, making decisions about procedures or treatment and managing symptoms. Clinical psychology aims to promote wellbeing and adjustment, to help you manage the daily challenges associated with being under the CESS pathway.

If you are referred, a Clinical Psychologist may meet with you to complete an assessment and observation with the child, young person or family. This could be while you are an inpatient in hospital or as an outpatient, and could lead to advice, signposting to local services or charities, access to group support, or therapy sessions.

What is a Paediatric Neuropsychologist?

A Paediatric Neuropsychologist is a Clinical Psychologist who has completed additional training within the area of Paediatric Neuropsychology. Paediatric Neuropsychology aims to help understand how medical conditions (such as epilepsy) and any damage caused to the brain can have an impact on the development of skills such as memory and language.

What does Clinical Psychology do within CESS?

Clinical Psychologists work closely with the CESS clinical team, attending the multidisciplinary meetings. They undertake neuropsychological assessments as part of the decision making process and evaluation of surgery. They may also offer advice to the team on how best to support any emotional and mental health needs.

When to talk to a Clinical Psychologist?

There could be lots of reasons you may wish to talk with a clinical psychologist and these can change depending on where you are on the surgery pathway. Parents or the young person may wish to talk with a psychologist for emotional support, to talk about the assessment process or surgical treatment. Parents may have concerns about the child’s behaviour, development or fears for the future. There could be concerns about the young person’s anxiety, mood or risky behaviour. Sometimes it can be helpful to talk about difficulties or concerns. However, it is your decision if you would like to talk to a psychologist.

How can Clinical Psychology help?

The CESS Clinical Psychologists are part of the Health in Mind team. The Health in Mind team includes Clinical Psychologists, Learning Disability Liaison Nurses and Liaison Psychiatrists. It provides a service to children, young people and their families currently experiencing mental health difficulties associated with their underlying physical health condition. The Health in Mind service offers group therapy programmes and individual therapy sessions for parents, the child or young person if appropriate. This may be face to face, by telephone or by video call. You can talk to the psychologist about which type of support would suit you and your family best.