NeuroCOVID study

Information for parents/carers of children with COVID-19 or PIMS-TS, admitted to the hospital

Birmingham Women's and Children's NHS Foundation Trust is the lead UK centre for this study. Information below is relevant to all web-page visitors, including those admitted to any other hospital study site within the UK.

Birmingham Children's Hospital is part of the GCS-NeuroCOVID study. The GCS-NeuroCOVID is an international study to investigate the incidence of brain related complications in children with either COVID-19 infection or in associated multisystem inflammatory syndrome (commonly known as PIMS-TS or MIS-C). The study is led by Paediatric Neurocritical Care Research Group in the USA.

There has been a concern that brain related complications do occur in children with COVID-19 related illnesses, although they are rare. Given the smaller numbers of children affected, a global effort is being undertaken to understand the patterns, risk factors and associations with different management strategies. There are no additional tests or interventions as part of this study.

Several countries are participating in this study. Please see: for further details about the study. Our children's hospital is one of several hospitals within the UK that are participating in this study which has been approved by the NHS Health Research Authority.

Anonymised routinely collected information is collected, shared and analysed to further understand the problems associated with the above conditions. Personal or identifiable information will not be shared outside the organisation your child was admitted to. Several other studies in the same group of children are also underway, albeit, to address various questions related to COVID-19 in the UK.

If have would like to speak to someone within this organisation to discuss the study further or you would like to opt-out from data collection, please email your request to:


Current study sites

Map of covid study sites

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