Research Contact Details

We’re available Monday to Friday (8am to 5pm)

0121 333 8751

Senior Team

Executive Lead, Research and Development – Fiona Reynolds

Director - Professor Jeremy Kirk (BWH)

Head of Research and Development – Liz Adey

R&D Delivery and Compliance Manager – Sarah Hadfield

Lead Research Nurse Manager – Jayne Groves

Deputy Director Research and Development (BCH) - Prasad  Nagakumar

Director NIHR Clinical Research Facility (Paediatrics) - Jan Idkowiak

Director of Research and Development (BWH) - Shakila Thangaratinam

Director of Research and Development (FTB) - Rachel Upthegrove

Deputy Director of Research and Development (FTB) - Paul Patterson

Facilitation & Quality Assurance Team

QA Manager - Jackie Griffiths 

QA Lead – Karen Davies

QA Lead - Davina Patel


Project Support Lead - Jessica Firkins 


R&D Senior Facilitator – Daisy Byron

R&D Facilitator – Claire Manzotti 

R&D Facilitator - Farah Ahmed 

R&D Facilitator - Surbinder Hayer

R&D Facilitator – Tom Newman 

R&D Data Manager – Ian Fitzgerald 



R&D Administrator - Sophie Clayton

Finance Team

Commercial Finance Manager- Adam Wooldridge

Senior Management Accountant - Martin Richmond

Assistant Mangement Accountant - Marie Pitt

R& D Finance email address:

Delivery Teams


Lead Gynaecology Research Nurse – Clare McPake

Research Nurse – Faye Andrews

Research Nurse – Kirsty Parkes

Research Nurse – Fiona Beale

R&D Data Manager – Parminder Chana 



Lead Research Midwife – Chloe O’Hara

Research Midwife – Phern Adams

Research Midwife – Sethenia Beckford

Research Midwife – Natalie Bayne

Research Midwife – Emily Pain

Research Midwife – Lauren Hatch

Research Midwife – Sunena Verma

Research Midwife – Nasayba Jamil

R&D Data Manager – Julie Lowe 


Neonatal & Children

Lead Neonatal Research Nurse – Amy Woodhead

Neonatal Research Nurse – Heather Barrow

Neonatal Research Nurse – Efygenia Kotsia


Lead Paediatric Research Nurse - Tara Roome

Research Sister - Sarah Jordan

Research Sister – Sugrah Sultan

Research Sister - Ruth Howman

Research Sister - Monica Mitchell

Research Sister – Kate Hong

Research Sister - Kate Cotter

Clinical Research Practitioner - Neelam Khan

R&D Data Manager – George Preece 



Lead Genetics Study Coordinator - Jonathan Hoffman

Genetics Study Coordinator – Camilla Huber

Genetics Study Coordinator – Madhura Chandrashekara

Genetics Clinical Research Practitioner - Emma Douglas

R&D Data Manager - Carlos McFarlane 


Nephrology Research Team

Nephrology Rare Diseases Research Coordinator – Sharon Parkes

Nephrology Rare Diseases Research Coordinator – Maria Kokocinska


Forward Thinking Birmingham

R&D FTB Mental Health Lead Co-ordinator - Amanda Cotterill 

FTB Applied Research Practitioner – Colin Palmer

Research Associate - Youth Mental Health - Julie Kane

Assistant Research Psychologist - Mark Byrne

FTB Research Nurse - Jessica Lear

FTB Research Therapist - Eleanor Sinfield

R&D FTB Research Nurse - Gemma Grosvenor

Assistant Research Psychologist - Paul Hicks

Assistant Research Psychologist - Zara Sadiq

Assistant Research Psychologist - Hana Shah

Assistant Research Psychologist - Tyler Weetman

Support Departments


Lead Pharmacist for Clinical Trials – Cherrelle Evans

Specialist Pharmacist for Clinical Trials, Women’s and Neonatal Services – Herminder Sohal

Specialist Pharmacist - Metabolic Disorders – Siema Akram

Lead Pharmacy Technician for Clinical Trials – Julie Williams

Chief Pharmacy Technician - Quality assurance and ATMP Services in Clinical Trials – Lucie Smith

Clinical Trials Pharmacy Technician– Rumana Begum

Assistant Practitioner - Pharmacy Supervisor for Clinical Trials – Fatima Bibi

Specialist Assistant Technical Officer – Sanjeev Lal

Specialist Assistant Technical Officer – Pieter McGovern


Laboratory R&D Coordinator - Fionnuala Terry


Research Lead Radiographer – Kerry Carter