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By your side

Chance to say thank you

Over the next few weeks we’ll be highlighting the amazing things our colleagues have done and achieved during the pandemic and are asking our women, children and families to share their stories and thanks.

Our teams have bravely stood by the side of our patients, changed how they have worked to keep key and emergency services running and gone beyond the Trust to help colleagues in other parts of the NHS.

They have done so with an approach and spirit that is uniquely BWC and we want to celebrate that and what has been achieved and we know nothing means more to our colleagues than hearing first hand from those we care for and their families.

If you would like to thank individuals or teams either by sharing some kind words, pictures or a short video we would love to see them.

As well as recognising our brilliant clinical colleagues we’re also recognising those unseen heroes who allow frontline teams to provide their care, so if you’d like to recognise our porters, cleaning staff, lab teams, admin staff or anyone of our fantastic team please do – it will mean so much.

BWC Spirit Collage Raffaela Goodby, the Trust’s Chief People Officer, said: “The last year has been the most challenging for us as part of the NHS, as a team and as individuals. It has challenged us, tested us and taken from us.

“Yet throughout it all, through the adversity, the pain and the care there have been moments of light, examples of incredible caring where the true BWC Spirit has been plain for all to see. We’ve seen it in the way we’ve cared for our patients, the way we’ve cared for each other and the way we’ve offered our help and stepped out of our comfort zone to be there for others in a variety of arenas, but always with that BWC Spirit by our side.

“We’re taking the time to recognise and celebrate that over the next few weeks and know it would mean so much to our colleagues to hear from our women, children and families so please do send us your thoughts, thanks and love so we can pass them on.”

You can submit your messages, pictures or videos by emailing