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Children's Mental Health Week - advice from our Forward Thinking Birmingham experts

This week we're supporting Children's Mental Health Week (1-7 February). We know that while such campaigns throw a spotlight on these hugely important topics, support and advice helps throughout the year.

The theme of this year’s Children’s Mental Health Week is ‘Express Yourself; helping children find ways to share feelings, thoughts or ideas through creativity’. Our team is offering the following tips to help support emotional wellbeing.

Get moving: Exercise doesn’t have to be an hour-long intense work out where you sweat more then you need to. Going out for a walk or putting on your favourite song and having a dance can do wonders. Get your body moving and your heart pumping to help lift your mood.

Relax and have some you time: It can be difficult to switch off from the day, but by taking the time to relax and get plenty of rest, you will feel more refreshed and ready for what’s in store. Why not try journaling, meditation, having a hot bath or listening to your favourite music?

Kindness: Being kind to each other can ease the load during a busy day. Helping each other out with tasks, no matter how small, can remind us that we’re all in this together.

Express yourself: express your feelings however you like whether it be through art, talking to others, photography, poetry or music or anything that makes you feel good. Whatever your style, make sure you do express yourself - it will help you to stay connected, to discover more about you, your identity, and the person that you want to become.

For further support visit our Forward Thinking Birmingham website.