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Diversifying at BWC – Health Care Assistant Kelly Price shares her Trust journey and professional advancement

Our Women's and Children's Hospital is renowned for its dedicated colleagues who play a vital role in ensuring the wellbeing of our patients. Among the compassionate individuals making a difference is Kelly Price, a valued Health Care Assistant (HCA) at our Women’s Hospital Fertility Centre. KP

Kelly agreed to speak with us about her journey, passion for patient care, and the unique aspects of her role during an interview, to share insights into the role of our HCA’s across our Fertility Services.

Starting with us in February 2017, coinciding with the merger between the Women’s and the Children's Hospital, Kelly has been with us for over six years now; becoming an integral part of the hospital's compassionate team.

When asked about her decision to become a Fertility HCA, Kelly said: "I was working in theatres at a hospital in Droitwich and wanted something a bit closer to home. I saw a receptionist post for Fetal Medicine at the Women's Hospital, and I thought if I started there, I could potentially move to other departments if opportunities arose."

Kelly quickly progressed to her desired role as a Health Care Assistant, using her receptionist experience at our Fertility Centre to learn the ropes and opening doors to diversify.

As a fertility HCA, Kelly's role is multifaceted and patient centric. She explained: "We are heavily involved with patients here - we witness their journey throughout their treatment. Our responsibilities include chaperoning nurses during clinic appointments and doctors during scans. We ensure the rooms are well-stocked for medical professionals, complete paperwork, and provide assistance to recovery patients by preparing tea and toast."

Kelly discovered the fulfilling nature of being an HCA actively involved in patient care. Motivated by this experience, Kelly sought a HCA role at our Women’s Hospital and gladly accepted a role one year into her career in February 2018. Her ambition was greatly received at our Trust which allowed her to diversify quickly to a role best suited to her personal and professional aspirations.

Kelly's involvement extends to various aspects of patient care. She added: "During embryo transfers, we scan patients to assist doctors and nurses, ensuring their comfort. Additionally, we complete patients' paperwork and create information packs for their notes and personal use.

We also take samples to the labs and help address patient queries on the nurse advice line. However, the most rewarding part for me is providing comfort and support to patients, whether it's lending a listening ear, offering a shoulder to cry on, or simply providing a reassuring smile."

When asked about her biggest achievement at work, Kelly emphasized the importance of building strong relationships with both new and returning patients. Like many others at BWC, Kelly takes pride in being a familiar face, offering emotional and physical support when needed.

Describing her team, Kelly expressed her admiration for their exceptional collaboration and camaraderie. She said: "Our team is one of a kind - we have embryologists, nurses, doctors, andrologists, admin staff, and HCAs who work together seamlessly. We are always ready to assist and support each other, creating a truly fabulous team dynamic."

When asked if people should consider joining the HCA team and embrace the challenges it presents, Kelly responded with enthusiasm: "Most definitely! I love being an HCA. It not only provides a solid foundation for potential career progression within various departments but also offers opportunities for higher qualifications. The satisfaction gained from making a positive impact on patients' lives is truly rewarding."

If you want to be at the heart of brilliant care for women, children and young people where innovation, compassion, and opportunity meet to help transform lives, check out careers at BWC. No matter the career path you choose –you’ll have unwavering support for your ambition, and a real investment in your learning. Visit our jobs page for more information. 

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