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Emergency Department experts present videos offering advice

Winter has now well and truly arrived but while our Emergency Department is always a busy place at this time of year, the simple message from our dedicated team is that ‘we’re still here for you should you need us’. To help families decide on when and where to seek help during this difficult time, they’ve shot some useful videos that are proving to be really popular.

The team is by the side of thousands of children each year and they know it’s always an anxious time for families when their child isn’t feeling well. Understandably, lots of questions are posed to them and, to help this winter, our experts have gone in front of the camera to offer advice on a range of common childhood illnesses and injuries to reassure parents and carers.

They offer practical tips for parents with newborns, along with simple reassuring information for when children have fevers, minor injuries, breathing issues, stomach upsets and mental health issues.

There’s also a video that clearly explains how the NHS is still here for families despite these challenging times due to COVID-19 and which service is the best to access depending on your need. Remember our Emergency Department is safe and here for you should your child be very unwell, have a broken bone, a serious burn that’s blistered or a cut you think will need stitches.

Visit the NHS 111 website (www.111.nhs.uk) in other such cases and complete the online questionnaire. It will signpost you to the most appropriate service to help, which could also be your GP practice, which remains open too.

Alongside the videos on our website, there’s also a host of information that can be, thanks to our BrowseAloud technology, translated and even read out loud in lots of other languages.

Dr Chris Bird, Emergency Department Consultant, said: “We understand it’s always a worrying time when your child isn’t feeling well. We’re still here to help if you need us but we also wanted to help families this winter by offering remote advice and answers on some of the most common illnesses and injuries we see – especially at this busy time of the year.

“It’s fantastic to see the videos being watched so many times; hopefully offering some reassurance this winter.”