Family welcome their ‘miracle baby’ after expert help support from Women’s Hospital Fertility and Maternity teams | News

Family welcome their ‘miracle baby’ after expert help support from Women’s Hospital Fertility and Maternity teams

Proud parents Georgia and Cam are enjoying every second with their ‘miracle baby’ after being supported by our expert Fertility and Maternity teams .  

Their baby boy Xander was welcomed into the world eight months ago and is now thriving at home with mum and dad, who have bravely shared their inspirational journey with us.  

After struggling to conceive for some time they spoke with their GP and were told it was very unlikely they would be able to have biological of their own.  

 mum and dad, smiling and looking at their babyGeorgia , recalled hearing that news: “ Me and Cam have been together since we were 16 and we’ve always wanted kids. It just felt like there was a child-sized gap in our lives.  

“When we were told the best option for us was adoption our world came crashing down.  
“We were in shock and it really hit home. We just didn’t know what to do.”  
The couple were then referred to our Women’s Hospital to seek specialist advice and treatment, where they were told they could try a form of IVF and shortly afterwards they started ICSI.  

Georgia said: “ When we spoke to the team ahead of the first round things sounded really positive with everything looking like it was heading in the right direction but, sadly, it was unsuccessful.  

“It was a massive blow to us, but everyone was supportive and encouraged us to come back for a second round.  

“We came back self-funded and that went well again and the team tweaked some of what they did, for example the medication I was taking.  
After that second round of ICSI, Georgia and Cam were given the news they’d been waiting for – they were ‘expecting’ their first child.  
She recalled: “I felt over the moon, I couldn't even put it into words, we couldn’t believe it.  

“I knew I wanted to have my baby at Birmingham Women’s. It felt like a second home to us after everything they’d done for us.”  
 Mum and Dad in the delivery room in hospital gowns holding their newborn babyGeorgia went on to have a smooth pregnancy with no complications and initially went into labour at home.  
She said: “My waters broke at home but my contractions hadn’t started yet, so we stayed at home.  
“Early the next morning the contractions were coming thick and fast, so we went straight to the Women’s Hospital.  

“I didn’t feel stressed at all, despite the pain I felt really in control, and there were people coming and double checking nothing had been missed which gave me so much confidence.”  
After being in labour for some hours, Georgia started to develop a temperature . Blood tests were showed she had a low-level infection and she was taken down to theatre for delivery.  
She said: “Going into theatre , I was really scared but I never saw a moment of panic on the faces  of those caring for me. They were all so calm and reassuring, which really put me at ease and made the whole experience much more bearable.  

“Even though things didn’t go entirely as planned, I had such a positive birth experience because of how looked after I felt the entire time.”  
Xander, arrived two weeks ahead of his due date, weighing 7 pounds 8 ounces.  
Georgia said: “I know it’s such a cliche, but he really is our little angel.  

I’m so thankful to all the people that made this happen . Without them he wouldn’t be here. I’m forever in their debt for giving us our little baby boy."  
Dr James Cheshire and Dr Rima Smith from our Fertility team were both involved in Georgia’s journey, during the embryo transfer and the egg retrieval procedure.  
 A baby sat on a bench in a garden Dr Smith said : “ It’s wonderful to hear how well Georgia, Cam and baby Xander are doing . Myself and the rest of the team remember them fondly.  

“It was particularly special for me, as I was able to do Georgia’s initial egg retrieval and helped to deliver Xander, so being able to see Georgia through the whole process was really special.  

“I also remember Georgia saying I must tell  my colleague, James , their boy had arrived.  

Reflecting on the family’s journey that had such a happy ending , Georgia said: He’s such a happy baby . The moment he sees anyone he’s instantly smiling, and he’s got such an appetite, he’ll eat anything.

“I tell everyone this, but he really is a miracle baby, he brings so much joy to everyone’s life’s  

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