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Introducing Sandy the Sustainability Elephant

Sandy the Sustainability Elephant

Sandy is the new figurehead of all things sustainable and green in our Trust. Sandy’s role is to highlight whenever anyone does something to be greener or help reduce carbon.

Sandy represents the need to remember to be kinder to our planet (an elephant never forgets).

Sandy is always the ‘elephant in the room’ when key decisions are being made, to remind us to think about how those decisions impact our environment.

Sandy the Sustainability Elephant As the climate changes, it negatively impacts our health and Sandy wants to help minimise this by promoting actions for change, even if we do the smallest things, they will add up to something significant.

Sandy was handmade locally from recycled materials and is looking forward to being part of everyone’s journey to net-zero carbon, so if you’re doing something good for the planet, Sandy wants to know about it and never misses a photo opportunity!

Look out for Sandy sharing advice across our social channels on how we can all become sustainability champions