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National Administration Day

This week, we will be celebrating our Administrative professionals as Wednesday 24 April, marks National Administrative Professionals Day which recognises the important role of secretaries, assistants, receptionists, and other departmental administrative support.

Over the next week we will be showcasing insights to careers that our BWC Administrative colleagues have shared. Luke Burton, Medical Engineering Administrator and Rachel Browne have both written  poems below.

‘Hidden force’

In the bustling world where ventures soar,
And dreams take flight on paths explored,
There dwells a force, both unseen and grand,
Guiding the ship with steady hand.

Administrators, the unsung hearts,
In every realm, they play their parts,
In business towers and hospitals' glow,
Their presence shines, a steady flow.

With spreadsheets' dance and emails' flight,
They weave the fabric of day and night,
In meetings held and calls attended,
Their dedication, never suspended.

In the realm of commerce, they chart the course,
Balancing ledgers with a steadfast force,
From payroll's pulse to budget's beat,
Their expertise makes ventures complete.

In medical halls, their touch is felt,
Where lives are healed and futures dealt,
From patient care to records kept,
Their diligence ensures no detail's left.

In every field, their importance clear,
As guardians of order, drawing near,
To streamline processes, pave the way,
For progress to bloom, come what may.

So here's to the administrators true,
Whose silent strength runs through and through,
In the tapestry of work they weave,
Their significance, let's never deceive.

Luke Burton, Medical Engineering Administrator

Being a secretary at BWH is quite the experience

Its all about empathy and how we treat the patient

Its how we can help and make things better

We do this by email, phone call or letter

We listen and sympathise and do what we can

We take down notes and make a plan

Taking calls, typing letters, and doing admin

Doing all this and may be adding a word in

Although, that often changes when we see the filing pile

Because doing this can take a while!

We do all this on a wing and a prayer

To make sure all patient’s are treated fair

Secretarial life is busy and hectic

Making sure we stay eclectic


Rachel Browne, PA/Medical Secretary - Endometriosis

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