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Parkview Clinic to undergo £4.6m transformation

artist rendition of new ward A multi-million-pound renovation of our specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) inpatient care, based at our Parkview Clinic in Moseley, Birmingham, will begin this December.

This service was awarded a grant of £4.6m from NHS England to reconfigure the existing Heathland and Ashfield wards. This funding will enable the units to offer a greater level of care by removing dormitory-style bedrooms and providing every young person with a single en-suite room, and brighter and more accessible lounge and therapeutic spaces (see artist rendition).

This process commenced in July 2020, with the initial bids being submitted to NHS England.

Our inpatient unit cares for children and young people under 18 and contains a specialist eating disorder, general adolescence unit (Heathlands), and a high dependency ward (Ashifelds). The grant, which was awarded in November 2020, will allow us to transform the spaces in our wards, improving the experiences of our patients.

Alexander Borġ, Executive Director of Mental Health Services for the Trust said: "This funding will help improve the experiences our young people will have by increasing the level of privacy and dignity available during their care.

"These improvement works will also create a better environment for our patients and staff, with more access to therapeutic spaces, improved lounges and activity spaces."

Zaynab (ZeZe) Sohawon, Chairperson for Think4Brum, a participation group within our mental health services, initially proposed the idea to our Chief Executive, Sarah-Jane Marsh.

 "When I was an inpatient at Parkview, I started doing work for Think4Brum, a group made up of service uses who use their experience of being a patient to help shape future care.

“During a meeting with our Chief Executive, I raised the issue of the dormitories at Parkview, which weren't an ideal space for young people on their journey to recovery.

"My concerns were heard, and I was delighted to later find out that we had bid for and won funding for the rebuild. From my experience of being an inpatient, I know how much a difference having your own space makes to your wellbeing."

The contract for the improvement works has now been awarded and building works will commence this December.

"This whole project started with patient voice, with members of the Trust listening to the experiences of young people like myself,” added ZeZe. “Since the project began, our young people have been involved in the renovation and the redesign. Our ideas are at the heart of the build.”

The works to Heathlands are scheduled to be completed in August 2022 that will enable Ashfields works to commence and are planned to be completed in December 2022.