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Patients give paediatric care and experience a glowing report

Patient care and experience at our Children’s Hospital have been given the thumbs up by children and young people as part of a national survey.

The Children and Young People’s Patient Experience Survey, conducted every other year by Picker, asked patients of all ages at our hospital, as well as their parents and carers, to rate a variety of aspects of their care, from admission, ward conditions, hospital staff and operations and procedures.

More than 350 responses were gather and the hospital scored highly in questions related to a child being involved in decisions about care and treatment, children being kept up to date with what would happen next in their care plan, carer access to catering facilities and information about health conditions. The hospital also improved it’s scores in areas such as ward environments and patients feeling well looked after.

Feedback from parents who took part in the survey included:

“Always found the staff across the board fantastic, always informed us what was happening and why, always a pleasure to come to the Children's Hospital.”

“Ever since my child was referred to the Children's Hospital I have received great help and support. The staff are very helpful and caring. I am always able to ask questions when needed and receive a lot of support too.”

The survey also highlighted where our hospital could improve in order to make the experience even better. We know our children and young people have relied on access to the internet a lot during COVID-19 for their entertainment, so we have plans to improve Wi-Fi and bring back Play Volunteers safely. Food is also really important when you spend time as an inpatient and we are improving on our food presentation at ward level.

Caron Eyre, Director of Nursing, Quality and Governance, said: “Listening to our young patients and their families is crucial as it allows us to continually look at ways to improve the care we provide at our Children’s Hospital. We want all of our patients to have the best possible experience during what can often be an incredibly daunting time.

“These results show that our patients are receiving a very positive experience but we know that there is more that we can do and we’ll use this feedback to make further improvements.”