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Staying safe when with us for outpatient appointments

A new video to reassure those visiting our Children’s Hospital for outpatient appointments is clocking up hundreds of views.

Marc Crocker, Outpatients Department Manager, has presented the video to make children and families feel safe and show them what to expect when they visit us; as well as how to follow the Trust’s Metres Matter advice to stay socially distant.

It’s been viewed more than 700 times in its first two weeks online and helped to communicate the important message that it’s safe to come to our hospital but also that you should only do so if you are well.

Marc said: “We know this is a very challenging time for everyone and coming to hospital can be a bit worrying. We’re trying to reduce that by showing what it’s like and all the things we’re doing to keep patients and their families safe and how they can play their part too by following our Metres Matter rules and staying two metres apart from other families.”

A large number of appointments are now being held over video and telephone call but for many of our expert clinicians they needs to see patients in person.

Marc explained: “Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic we’ve continued to care for children and want you to know we’re here for you and it is safe to come to your child’s outpatient appointment.

“We’re now doing lots of appointments via video where we can, but if we need to see your child in person we’ll ask you to come in. Please be reassured that it is safe to do so. We have had very low numbers of coronavirus and no cases where it has been passed between patients.

“This is due to the physical distancing measures in place, our use of personal protection equipment, good hand washing and extra cleaning routines.”

“We are also limiting the number of people who can be in the department at any time which means only one parent or carer can accompany a child, unless your appointment letter tells you differently.

“No other children are allowed either so that means no brothers or sisters can come with you.

“We know this can make it difficult, but these small steps help us make sure we can see those who need our specialist help in a timely way.”

Marc added it was important that nobody visits the hospital if they, or their child, has any symptoms of coronavirus or are otherwise unwell.

He said: “Please don’t come if either of you are unwell as we will have to send you away. If you’re unwell we can quickly and easily book you another appointment for when you’re feeling better.”

You can watch Marc’s video below and on our dedicated YouTube Channel.