Rheumatology clinics and wards


New patient clinics are currently held in Parsons House opposite the Emergency Department. The follow-up clinics are held in the main outpatients clinics where patients and families will have access to our whole multidisciplinary team.

Inpatient wards

Our practice is predominantly outpatient based so that children, young people and their families do not have to spend prolonged periods in hospital and therefore we have not had a need for a dedicated ward. When needed, we have the ability to admit patients to all wards in the hospital.

Medical Day Care (MDC)

MDC provides short stay for children and young people who receive treatments that need to be given as an infusion (medicine given through the vein).

Surgical Day Care (SDC)

SDC provides short stay care for children and young people who are admitted for a joint injection (an injection of a medication inside the joint). All of our patients usually need a very short stay and are discharged by lunchtime.