The Rheumatology team

Medical staff

We are a combined team of academic and clinical consultants who provide a team-based clinical service. We train the next generation of paediatric rheumatologists and are ably supported by our medical secretaries who ensure a smooth patient pathway.

Clinical nurse specialists

Our nurse specialists offer a wealth of experience in rheumatic disease education and management, including the initiation and monitoring of disease modifying drugs. They offer holistic patient care and family support from diagnosis through to discharge or help facilitate a successful transfer to adult services. 

Physiotherapists and occupational therapists

Physiotherapy can help with providing exercises to keep joints mobile and muscles strong and find enjoyable ways for children and young people to keep fit and healthy. They can also advise about participation in school sports and P.E.

Occupational therapy can offer practical help and advice about maintaining independence with everyday activities. They can also help with stress and anxiety management skills when living with a long term condition.

Research team

Our research nurse and co-ordinator ensure patients are offered access to relevant research studies.

Contact details

  • Rheumatology department: 0121 333 8208
  • Clinical nurse specialists: 0121 333 8219/8220
  • Physiotherapist and occupational therapist: 0121 333 8218
  • Research nurse/research co-ordinator: 0121 333 8739/8743