The Perineal Clinic

This is a dedicated monthly one-stop clinic. Patients who sustained perineal trauma during birth can be directly referred by their community midwives. Patients with non-birth related perineal problems can also be referred and offered different types of treatment, such as physiotherapy and surgery.

Surgical Procedures

We offer a wide range of surgery to treat urogynaecology conditions. Patients who require a surgical procedure may be asked to attend a pre-operative assessment to prepare you for surgery, at which further investigations may be required. We aim to ensure that a date for surgery has been confirmed with you, to enable you to plan your hospital stay.

Catheter Clinic

This is a nurse-led clinic for patients with difficulties which require emptying their bladders with catheters on a regular basis.

There is a wide selection of catheters and patients are free to choose the one they prefer. Nurse specialists will also review patients who already have a catheter.

Nurse Led Clinic

Patients come directly to a dedicated nurse-led clinic where they are cared for by our nurse specialists. You can be referred here directly by any healthcare professional. Patients are also seen for follow-up treatment, revision of symptoms, teaching self-catheterisation and some bladder therapies.

If you need a surgical procedure, then a nurse specialist can perform urodynamics and refer you to a consultant-led clinic.

Video Urodynamics

This is a one-stop consultant-led clinic, where patients have cystometry and flowmetry under X-ray control.

Urodynamic Clinic

This is a nurse-led clinic where patients with complex urogynaecology symptoms are assessed, have cystometry and receive treatment.

OASIS Clinic (Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injuries)

We run a joint colorectal clinic with Mr Simon Radley, Consultant Surgeon from University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, his team and a perineal care midwife. This is a monthly clinic and is designed as a specialist clinic to review women who have sustained injuries during vaginal birth.

We also jointly review patients with bowel dysfunction (faecal incontinence, constipation and obstructive defecation). Complex cases are offered surgical treatment jointly with colorectal surgeons.