Being BC - Celebrating our Big 160th Birthday

For our Big 160th Birthday at our Children’s Hospital, we’ve been catching up with our inspirational characters from across our Trust, who wanted to share their stories on why they have decided to pursue their career aspirations with BWC.

BC I always knew I would return – Theatre Assistant Practitioner Stefanie

We caught up with Stefanie Chabannais from our Children’s Hospital Theatres, who initially worked at our old hospital shops, later to return with her university qualifications to shape her career, specialising in Theatre Support Work.  


Stefanie and the modular theatre team

Stefanie kindly shared her story with us, joining us from our Children’s Hospital Modular Theatre Team and developing strong bonds with her team members, as well as her career at our Trust.  


“Team BC has been part of my life for 13 years - I started here working in the old shop at the front of the hospitals where the Costa seating is now. After working at the shop, I left to pursue a higher qualification so I could attend university, but I always knew that I would return.


“I returned when a Support Worker's job became available, unknowingly in theatres. I started here six years ago, as a Theatre Support Worker, and attended university to become an Assistant Theatre Practitioner.


“The variety and specialties that I work with are amazing in what they do and the things we are part of. Seeing our patients progress, knowing I have been part of that progression even if it was a little bit, gives me that job satisfaction.


“The theatre teams are like a big family, always looking out for each other and going above and beyond to ensure our patients are looked after as if it’s one of our own children. I cannot imagine working anywhere else.” 

Stefanie shared a photo with us for our ‘Best Bits of BC’ montage, where she talked about how her Modular Theatre Team have regular outings. It’s not all work – our work relationships keep us connected at BWC.  

She said: “Each time we try to do something different and then enjoy a nice meal together to finish the day. On this particular day we had to escape a prison, by working together when we were locked in separate cells, by communicating and then completing the different puzzles that were set to challenge us. We managed to escape in 57mins.” 


Stefanie and her team are closely knit and appreciate the importance of work-life balance, something that we actively promote across our Trust.  

She said: “There are times when our job is hard, tiring, and stressful but the theatre staff work together to get each other through and the laughs, smiles and positivity outweigh the rest.” 

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Stefanie for sharing her inspiring story with us and our fantastic Modular Theatre Team for keeping our colleagues happy, supported and inspired.

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