Being BC - Celebrating our Big 160th Birthday

For our Big 160th Birthday at our Children’s Hospital, we’ve been catching up with our inspirational characters from across our Trust, who wanted to share their stories on why they have decided to pursue their career aspirations with BWC.

Being BC

Being a part of BC – Shaping our own paths with Nurse Associate Ellie 

Ellie Brown taking a selfie

We’re starting the week with one of our compassionate colleagues, Ellie Brown from Ward 10. Qualifying as a Nurse Associate in December 2020, Ellie began her journey with our Children’s Hospital straight after school, six years ago. Inspired by her nan who had worked at our Children’s Hospital for over 25 years, she felt that this would be the place for her, where she could grow and nurture her professional career and confidence.  

Ellie shares, “I’m team BC because my nan worked here for over 25 years, and I grew up hearing the stories about how incredible the hospital was – I used to visit as a child over the years too. I think it's important to have a job that you genuinely enjoy going to every day, especially because you spend so much time at work. I used to get home from previous places feeling rubbish and going straight to bed. I now get home with a smile on my face full of stories of how lovely my day has been.” 

Originally Ellie started with us in an administrative role, although she shared with us that she wanted to diversify and explore other routes in her career.  

She said: “I left school and started in an admin role, though this was not something I really wanted to do - then an opportunity came up to train to become a Clinical Support Worker, and I jumped at the chance. I am now a Band 4 Nurse Associate and currently training to be a registered children's nurse.  

“I have just celebrated my six-year anniversary! Although it's not a huge milestone, I celebrate every year I work at the Children’s Hospital because I feel so lucky to be working here.” 

We asked Ellie why she’s team BC and has decided to stay with us for six years. We were overjoyed when Ellie replied:

“I am so immensely proud to work for such an incredible Trust and to meet so many inspiring children and families every day. I genuinely love going to work, even on the challenging days I know there will be moments or even a single moment on a shift where I will smile and it's usually thanks to the incredible children I look after. My work makes me feel so proud."

Selfie of Ellie with text reading "6 years at the job that changed my life"

“Over the last six years, I know I have made a difference to so many wonderful children and their families and whenever I feel like I'm not good enough, I think of those patients and know I am doing the best I can possibly do. I look back and know that I have made that child's journey just a little easier and brought a little bit of happiness to them.” 

We asked what her best memory has been to date at our Trust. She said: “Wow, that's a tough question! I have had some of the loveliest memories here.  

“I recently took a palliative patient to Acorns to have a look around and although it was a sad experience, it was also lovely to get to spend time with a child I'd looked after for six months, outside of the hospital environment and make some special memories with him and his family, who made me feel like part of their family. It was a very special day.” 

We’d like to say a big thank you to Ellie for her uplifting words and for sharing her inspiring ambition when shaping her career with us at our Trust. Not only has Ellie adopted ambitious, brave and compassionate attitudes at work, but she translates this into her life and character as a valued member of our community.  

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