Board meetings and minutes

Doctors in corridorMeetings

Please note that due to COVID-19 if you would like to attend you will need to do so via Zoom. The meeting links will be published in the board papers that are uploaded here ahead of the meeting. If you have any additional questions please email

The upcoming Board of Directors meetings are scheduled for:


  • Thursday 30 January, Children's Hospital
  • Thursday 27 February, Women's Hospital
  • Tuesday 31 March, Children's Hospital
  • Thursday 30 April, Women's Hospital
  • Thursday 21 May, Children's Hospital
  • Tuesday 30 June, Women's Hospital
  • Thursday 30 July, Children's Hospital
  • Tuesday 25 August, 13.00-14.30, via Zoom
  • Wednesday 30 September, Children's Hospital
  • Thursday 29 October, Women's Hospital
  • Wednesday 25 November, Children's Hospital
  • Thursday 17 December, Women's Hospital

Everyone is welcome to attend for all or part of the meeting. 

If you would like more details, please contact us on 0121 333 8433 or email

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