Board of Directors

Like any other large organisation, we need a ‘top-level’ group of people who meet and make decisions so that everyone works together towards common goals, ensures the safest care and spends our money in the best way.

Our Board of Directors does this and each Director has a specific area they have responsibility for.

They meet every month (except August) in public and the agenda for each meeting is shared here in advance, followed by a full set of papers after each meeting.

If you would like to attend a public meeting, please contact the Trust Office on 0121 333 8433 or

The Board does, however, have to discuss some matters in private (for reasons set out in the Freedom of Information Act 2000) and holds a separate private session. The papers for this meeting are not published.

Our Chair and Chief Executive Officer

  1. Chief Executive Officer

    Matthew Boazman

    Chief Executive Officer
Total results: 2

Meet our directors

  1. Deputy Chairman

    Alan Edwards

    Deputy Chairman
  2. Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer

    Daljit Athwal

    Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer
  3. Non-Executive Director

    David Adams

    Non-Executive Director
  4. Non-Executive Director

    David Richmond

    Non-Executive Director
  5. Chief Medical Officer

    Fiona Reynolds

    Chief Medical Officer
  6. Non-Executive Director

    Nailesh Rambhai

    Non-Executive Director
  7. Non-Executive Director

    Niti Pall

    Non-Executive Director
  8. Chief Finance Officer

    Phil Foster

    Chief Finance Officer
  9. Chief People Officer

    Raffaela Goodby

    Chief People Officer
  10. Chief Operating Officer

    Steve Cumley

    Chief Operating Officer
  11. Deputy Chair

    Sue Noyes

    Deputy Chair
Total results: 11

Declarations of Interest

Please find here the Declarations of Interest Register for the BWC Board.