Chaplaincy bereavement support

The chaplaincy team can support families who have sadly lost a baby or child. Chaplains can provide emotional support, end of life blessings and lead funerals. Please contact the team, or ask the ward staff to call the on-call chaplain in an urgent situation.

All families who have lost a baby or child will receive a gift of a book which we hope you will find comforting.

Memorial events

We also have memorial events, which all bereaved families will receive an invitation to in the year after their child has died. We usually hold a cathedral service and a picnic and walk.

The picnic and walk is a non-religious event. Watch a video to get an understanding of how the event works.

Remembrance book viewing arrangements during Covid-19 restrictions

We are very sorry you have been unable to  come into the hospitals to view your inscriptions during Covid-19 restrictions.  If you would like to have a virtual viewing, please email us with the name of your child and the date of the inscription and we would be pleased to send you a photo of your inscription or arrange a viewing over zoom.