Hear what Anna and Pete had to say

Parents-to-be Anna and Pete to welcome their little bundle of joy to the family with our Home Birth Team

Anna and Pete from Northfield are overjoyed to be welcoming a new edition to the family in February this year. As they approach the road to parenthood, they have decided that they want their first baby to be delivered from the comfort of their own home with our Home birth Team.anna and pete

Anna, 29 and Pete, 29 had sold their house in Kings Norton to do some well-deserved travelling around Europe. Visiting Sweden, Switzerland, France and many other picturesque destinations across 12 weeks, they found out that they were expecting just 2 weeks into their trip.

Excited to begin a new adventure, the couple travelled home to Birmingham to search for a new place to live and start their family.

Anna said: “I’d been thinking of having a home birth for quite some time, I’ve seen quite a few videos across social media and on blogs about having the choice to give birth at home. I thought reading about it and watching videos wasn’t really enough which is why I decided to attend a home birth workshop with Birmingham Women’s Hospital. It actually swayed our decision to live in Northfield because we’d be in close range and have home visits throughout my pregnancy.”

The couple moved to Northfield and have been attending the workshops so that they can feel prepared for when their little one finally arrives.

Anna said: “It’s gone so fast, I can’t believe I’m having a baby next month – we’ve decided to keep the gender a surprise, just to build the excitement.

“When we found out that we were pregnant, I thought home birth would be the best way to go because it seems good to have your home comforts to put us both at ease. Not just that, but the amount of home visits you get is great instead of having to go into the hospital for antenatal care. It has always been the same face for us, the continuity of care we’ve received so far has been really helpful and makes me feel a lot more comfortable for the big day.”

Pete said: “Having the baby at home is exciting for me, I feel like I’ll be a lot more involved with the whole process and I’m looking forward to welcoming the baby in the comfort of our own home”

Anna shared: “We feel more prepared now – at the workshop they walk you through so much useful information like the process of having a home birth, contractions, water births, self-help tips for when you begin going into labour, they share videos and discuss the experiences. It feels really empowering to have made the choice, the team are really transparent and true advocates for women. I’m really excited to be having my baby at home, no need for discharges or the rush of getting to and from the hospital. Once we have our little one, we’re planning to resume our travels in the future with our own little adventurer to make the journeys all that more memorable!”

If you think that home birthing may be for you, then attend one of our Home birth Workshops. To find out more information visit or book your space, visit our Eventbrite page.