Home Birth

Home birth is an option for women who wish to be cared for in the comfort of their own home. The midwives will care for you during labour and birth, and following birth will leave your home once you feel ready and confident for them to do so.

Our specialised home birth service is made up of a group of highly-skilled midwives and maternity support workers who are on-call day and night. The team have been established since 2014, with the sole aim to increase women's place of birth choices.

Why choose to receive care from the home birth team?

  • You’ll receive continuity of care from a dedicated team of midwives. You’ll be allocated a named midwife that you and your family will be able to get to know throughout your pregnancy.
  • You’re more likely to know the midwife attending your birth
  • Receive truly personalised care from the team
  • All your antenatal and postnatal care can be done in the comfort of your own home
  • No restrictions on who can be at your appointments with you

Receiving care from the home birth team doesn’t mean you have to give birth at home there are multiple options for place of birth:

  • Home birth
  • Home Assessment in labour – If you’re not sure where you would like to give birth (at home or birth centre) we’re able to attend your home and holistically assess your labour. Once you’re in established labour then a decision can be made whether to stay at home or attend the birth centre.
  • “Domino Care” to Birth Centre at BWH – this is where a midwife from the home birth team cares for you in the Birth Centre. This means we can facilitate early discharge from the birth centre and arrange routine care and tests at home.

Is home birth safe?

Ultimately, yes, home birth is safe! A study published in April 2020 found that women who are experiencing a low-risk pregnancy and intending to birth at home experienced fewer interventions and untoward maternal outcomes than those who are planning to birth in hospital.

For women who are having their first baby, planning to have a home birth meant they were:

  • 30% less likely to have a caesarean birth,
  • 25% less likely to have an assisted vaginal birth (forceps/ventouse)
  • 50% less likely to need an epidural…

For women having their second or subsequent baby, planning to have a home birth meant they were:

  • 60% less likely to have a caesarean birth
  • 60% less likely to have an assisted vaginal birth
  • 75% less likely to need an epidural… (Lancet, 2020)

The benefits don’t stop here, join us at one of our Home birth Workshops to find out more about any of the above.

Maternal outcomes and birth interventions among women intending to give birth at home.

There are no differences in outcomes for your baby comparing home birth to hospital birth for low-risk women. 

Making the choice

Why Home Birth?

  • Women feel relaxed and free to move as they wish.
  • Be in control - power balance reverses when you invite the caregiver into your home. No need to ask permission or wait to do what you want.
  • Dedicated care - undivided attention from your birth team during labour.
  • Private and familiar - feel calm, relaxed and less inhibited in familiar surroundings.
  • Immediate bonding as a family - no need for separation from your baby or partner.

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