Meet Angela Kumari - Senior Biomedical Scientist

Angela stood in the labExplain what your job entails?  

Looking for metabolic disorders using different sample types. Analysing dried blood spots, looking for newborn screening disorders, of which some are rare.  A lot of new moms will know these samples as being the 5-day heel prick that midwives take. 

Why did you choose your career?

I had a keen interest in science and wanted to pursue a career in a hospital other than nursing.

What do you love about your job?

Very rewarding, knowing that I am contributing (no matter how small) in helping little babies and children.

Let us know something that a lot of people don’t know about your job?

A lot of people may think that lab work is very mu ch automated.  This is true, however, we also have many assays and tests that are very manual, which require a lot of time, effort and skill.