Resources for other Professionals

As part of the #YouveBeenMissed campaign, the resources below have been produced by Forward Thinking Birmingham's STICK Team and Birmingham Education Partnership.

The resources and guidance to support the emotional wellbeing of children and young people.

Other professional

Activity Plans

The following lesson plans can be used for groups and/or classes of primary-aged children (can be adapted for 1:1). They are designed to be completed over multiple sessions and used alongside the children’s workbooks (found in the children’s section of the website).

Please ensure you have processes in place to manage any disclosures that may be raised within the sessions. It can also be good practice to complete a ‘check-out’ with the children at the end of each session; this will ensure they are feeling positive after the session and nothing was raised that needs to be managed prior to leaving (ideas for check-outs can be found on the last page of the lesson plans).