Shape your future – Become a Young Research Champion today

research image Are you a young person (aged 9-17 years old) with an interest in the medical field> Or are you someone who  wants to give something back to our Children's Hospital?

Perhaps you yourself have been a patient with us previously and want to support those going through something similar to your own experience. If you are a young person with a condition or carer, you are welcome to apply to become a YRC.

*Please note, applications for the Young Research Champions group has now closed until a later date. Thank you for applying.*

We’re reaching out to our young people across the Midlands with aspirations, motivation and determination to join the National Institute of Health Research’s (NIHR) Clinical Research Network (CRN) Young Research Champion Group (YRC).

We're looking for both young people with a passion for science but who are also empathetic to keep our patients feeling supported both with science and compassion. Perhaps you have a medical condition and want to give something back, or even further the development of support for your illness. 

What’s in it for me?

  • Have your voice heard.
  • Find like-minded young people to connect with and build important friendships in the medical field.
  • Develop your confidence and research skills.
  • Improve upon your public speaking skills.
  • Travel expenses to be paid and receive a special ‘thank you’ voucher.
  • Get a head start before completing or applying your degree.
  • Feel empowered to support others, to be able to relate and empathise. 


Meeting every 6 weeks at our Children’s Hospital, the YRC helps to build young research champions; offering support, encouragement, new experiences, a chance for young people to embrace their love of science and to make research the best it can be for other young people. The Group will get the opportunity to work alongside doctors, nurses and researchers to gain confidence and attend conferences related to research and development.

We will be hosting our launch meeting on Saturday 29 October from 2pm until 5pm at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital Clinical Research Facility on ground floor.


If you know a young person destined for greatness - a lover of science, research and the medical field, or a young person who needs confidence building and find like-minded people, they can register their interest at the YRC by emailing