Are you 14-24 years old and looking for career opportunities in the NHS?

Taking your first step into the world of work is exciting. We offer young people many ways to get a glimpse into day-to-day hospital life and develop a rewarding and exciting career in the NHS. There are more than 350 different job roles in the NHS and the service needs to support a diverse range of staff with lots of different skills and abilities to keep it running. 

Caring for people is what we do and this extends more widely than just our clinical care. Our Aspire programme offers you many ways to get involved in working at our hospital. Opportunities include apprenticeships, work experience, traineeships and many more. 

We also support local schools, colleges and youth organisations with events, talks and enterprise activities.

The opportunities are limitless!

Aspire@BWC helped, inspired,motivated and changed me. What will Aspire@BWC do for you?