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Working at our Trust isn’t just about doctors and nurses caring by the bedside. There is an army of amazing people who all work together to make our hospital experience the very best it can be.

From our radiographers, sonographers and clinical scientists to our electricians, carpenters and decorators, every single person in every single role contributes to the great care we provide to our young patients every day.

Our staff tell us they love working at our hospital because they go home at night knowing they’ve made a difference. You can bring your skills and experience to our hospital and see the difference you can make to the lives of women, children and families.

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Take a quirky look at what it's like to work at our Children's Hospital. 

The people you see in this film are not actors. They are all real people, from the world’s best heart surgeons to our chief executive, porter, doctor, physio and nurses. If you want to make a difference why not join our team at the Children's or at our Women's Hospital?

Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit team

Ryan Deakin - Physiotherapist

Marie McElroy - Medical Secretary

Lisa Jones - Clinical Support Worker

Eileen Price - Domestic Staff Supervisor

Pete Bill - Neurophysiologist

Dr Eldilla Rizal - Junior Doctor