Filming and photography requests

We receive regular requests to film or take photographs within our Trust and are always happy to assist when we can. In the first instance, please contact our Communications team in advance of any proposed visit with the full details of the request.

During visits, a member of the team will accompany filming/photography teams at all times. Prior written consent from the parents or legal guardians of our patients is always required.

If members of the media wish to use their own consent forms it must be first discussed with our Communications team to ensure they are suitable.

Our experience

We have lots of experience working alongside news reporters, documentary makers and broadcasters and we welcome the opportunity to work on new and exciting projects.

We are incredibly proud to have been the focus of a number of television series and programmes, including the Channel 4 prime-time series Inside Birmingham Children’s Hospital, which gave millions of viewers a unique insight into the expertise and compassion of our teams, along with the bravery and courage of our children, young people and families.

Working alongside the production company, Dragonfly, we opened the doors to our ‘Outstanding’ hospital and our many specialities to offer people a glimpse of what life is like on our many wards and departments.

We’re currently working once again with Dragonfly on filming for the 11th series of the popular and award-winning One Born Every Minute, which follows the inspirational pregnancy journeys of different families. It’s expected to be shown on Channel 4 in 2018.